Anytime Banking

A straightforward service for smaller businesses

The simple, convenient and secure way of doing your banking online, whenever or wherever you like.

Doing your banking online can save you time and money

  • 24/7 access to your business accounts (except for short periods of essential maintenance)
  • Access to our Smart Phone App
  • Make payments
  • Transfer money between your business accounts
  • View up to seven years of bank statements
  • Manage your personal finances at the same time
  • No queues
  • No monthly subscription fee*

*Business Current Account fees and charges may apply. Please see "A Guide to Business Current Account Fees" and 'Schedule of Service - Payment and International Fees & Charges' for a list of payment fees & charges. Available on our website or upon request in branch

Important Information:

An eligible Ulster Bank business current account or savings account must be held to register for Anytime banking. Terms and conditions apply. Some Anytime Banking services may not be available on certain types of accounts or to under 18s.

More on the benefits of Anytime Banking

  • Move your money - transfer money between most of your Ulster Bank accounts.
  • Manage your payments - pay your suppliers, employees and bills online.
  • International Payments - transfer funds to an international bank account online. Payments can be made via a standard or urgent option depending on how quickly you need the funds to reach the international account. (Fees for the international payments service are detailed in the Schedule of Services - Payment and International Banking Charges brochure ).

  • Keep track of your money - check your balances and statements - which are updated in real time.
  • Keep a record of your finances - view and print up to seven years of bank statements; ideal for managing your books.
  • Stay on top of your business and personal accounts - manage your personal Ulster Bank accounts and personal credit cards alongside your business accounts.
  • Standing orders and Direct Debits
    - Standing Orders - Create, view, amend and cancel them online
    - Direct Debits - View and cancel them online
  • 24/7 banking - when you register for Anytime Internet Banking, we'll automatically register you for Anytime Telephone banking so you can manage your finances at a time and place that suits you.
  • Certificate of Interest - you can view your annual certificate of interest information via Anytime Banking.

  • Help is always at hand - Help is always at hand with our 24/7 internet helpdesk and online 'Got a question?' facility.

  • Free security software - get additional online protection with Rapport - our free desktop security software. This helps protect your online banking login details and works alongside your existing security software.
  • Card-Reader - We provide a free Card-Reader which helps prevent fraud and protect your accounts. It's simple to use, and you only need your Card-Reader for some online transactions.
  • Online and Mobile Security Promise - Our priority is making your online banking experience as safe and secure as possible - that's why we've introduced our online and mobile banking security promise. This is our commitment to you in the event of fraud and gives clear instruction on what you need to do to protect yourself.

More on the security of Anytime Banking

We take security seriously and have a number of measures in place to ensure our Anytime Banking service is safe and secure.

How we protect you

  • Free security software - We provide free security software called Rapport to help protect your log in details. Rapport works alongside your existing anti-virus software and firewall to give additional protection when banking online.
  • Card Reader Protection - A Card-Reader works by relying not just on something you know, but something you actually possess - your debit card. It generates a unique code every time it's used, which you enter online before carrying our certain transactions to give you added protection.
  • Log in security - we only ask for a random portion of your PIN and password (We will never ask for your full PIN (Personal Identification Number) or Password at login).
  • Auto log-off - the system will constantly monitor what you do and automatically log you off if it senses you're inactive.
  • Temporarily disabling your online account - We temporarily disable your account if someone makes too many failed attempts to log in. But don't worry; we make it easy for you to access your account again.
  • Online Banking Security promise - this is our commitment that if you become a victim of fraud when banking online with us, we will refund you so long as you follow our security requirements

How to protect yourself:

  • Keep all security details secret and devices secure and prevent them from becoming known to or accessible by any unauthorised person.
  • Never respond to any request to disclose any security details in full (even if the use of the Bank's name and logo and appear to be genuine) as it will be fraudulent. You must not reveal the security details and must report the request to the Bank immediately.
  • Keep your card reader number secure - you will never be asked to provide this number over the telephone. If someone does request it, do not provide it to them even if they state they are calling from the Bank. You should terminate the call and report the request tp the Bank immediately.
  • Contact the Bank immediately if you suspect or believe that:
    • a security device is lost, misused or stolen.
    • any security details may be known to an unauthorised person.
    • there has been any unauthorised use of the service.
  • Be aware that anyone you add as an authorised user on your business account will get full access to your account on Anytime Banking (including the ability to make payments out of it). If you would like to be able to assign different levels of access to users you can do this on Bankline.

Checking your computer

Operating System Browser
PC Users Microsoft Windows XP or later - including Windows 7 and Vista Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 and above

Firefox 3.5 and above

Google Chrome 8 and above

Safari 4 and above

Opera 10.0 and above

AOL 8.0 and above
Mac Users OS X 10.4 or later Safari 3.2 and above

Firefox 3.5 and above

Google Chrome 8 and above

Opera 10 and above

Please note: Some new versions of supported browser may not be compatible with older operating systems.

If I give a user access to my business account on Anytime can they make transfers and payments out of it?

Yes. All users effectively get full access to your business account, including the ability to make transfers and payments out of it. If you are not happy for users to have this level of access to your business account then you may like to consider our Bankline service which enables you to set payment limits for each user and/or set dual authorisation control so that two people have to authorise the payment.

How do I remove a user's access to my business account on Anytime?

Contact the Business Team on 0345 366 5592 as soon as possible. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm, Calls may be recorded.

What business account types are available on Anytime and the App?

Corporate Current Account, Business Current Account, Business Reserve Account, 30 Day Business Reserve, Solicitors Reserve Account, Special Interest Bearing Account, Bonus Access Account, Liquidity Select Account, Liquidity Manager Account, 7 Day Liquidity Manager Account, 30 Day Liquidity Manager Account and most Business Term Loans.

What business account types are not available on Anytime and the App?

Commercial Cards, Wall Street and Treasury Deposit accounts.