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Switch to our current account and join all the people across Northern Ireland who get a friendly welcome and expert help from our staff.

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*Applies only to banks, building societies and other payment account providers participating in the Current Account Switch Service

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You can do this online, in branch or over the phone - use the links on the right of this page.

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Let us take care of the rest!

Our specialist switching team will make your switch as smooth as possible, and take care of all your bank details, if you ask.

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If you are switching from a bank, building society or other payment account provider that is participating in the Current Account Switch Service, the switch will be completed in 7 working days. You can choose a date for your account to be switched over and this needs to be a minimum of 7 working days from when your new account is opened.

We will be in touch with you during the process to keep you fully updated of how the switch is going. For further information on the Current Account Switch Service including terms and conditions of the Current Account Switch Service, please read our brochure Switching Your Account to Us.

If you are switching from a bank, building society or other payment account provider that is not participating in the Current Account Switch Service then the switching process will take longer. Our dedicated switching team will contact you to make sure your switch is as smooth as possible.

Already have an account with us? Please visit any Ulster Bank Branch and your customer advisor will help you complete your switch to us.

Note 1

We will give you an interest-and-fee-free overdraft for three months, depending on our normal credit scoring. If you are not eligible for, or do not want to have an overdraft, we will refund any interest or charges you have to pay due to a failure in the switching process.

Overdrafts are repayable on demand. Your debit balance should not exceed your arranged overdraft limit. If your account overruns without formally agreeing an arranged overdraft, or you exceed your arranged overdraft limit, this is called an Unarranged Overdraft. When this happens, you will incur Unarranged Overdraft interest as well as the Maintenance Charge. You may also have to pay the Paid Referral Fee and the Guaranteed Card Payment Fee. For full details of the interest and charges please see our "A Guide to Personal Account Fees and Interest" brochure.

Important Information - Arranged Overdrafts

Arranged overdrafts are not available on a Dual Account, Step account, Service Account, Adapt Account or Facility Account. Lending is subject to credit review and approval. Credit is only available to persons aged 18 or over, who are residents of Northern Ireland. An overdraft is repayable on demand. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, please refer to our booklet A Guide to Personal Account Fees and Interest for more details



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