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Switch to Ulster Bank


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Your old account will be switched in no longer than 7 working days

  1. Once you have completed, signed and returned the Account Switching Form, we will send this to your old bank.
  2. Your old bank will then:
    • Send us a list of all standing orders and direct debits, as well as sending a copy to you.
    • Inform your existing direct debit originators located within the Republic of Ireland of your new account details.
    • You will need to contact direct debit originators outside of the Republic of Ireland and arrange to transfer these direct debit(s) to your new account.
  3. If you have chosen to close your old bank account your old bank will;
    • Refund stamp duty on returned unused cheques (if applicable).
    • Debit any charges and/or interest due.
    • Close your old bank account.
    • Transfer a credit balance to your new bank account.
    • Send you an account closing statement.
  4. We will set up standing orders on your new account once we receive the existing list from your old bank.
  5. Your direct debit originators will change your account details and present the next direct debit on your new Ulster Bank account.
  6. Check your list of standing orders and direct debits from your old bank. If you would like to make any changes to your standing orders on your new account you must contact us immediately.

The switching process is reliant on direct debit originators updating their records in a timely manner to ensure a smooth switching experience.

We will always aim to meet these timescales. However, occasionally there may be exceptional circumstances in which they cannot be met.

Step 3



Call 1800 303 004

Lines are open:
8:30am - 7:30pm Mon - Fri
9am - 2pm on Saturday
(excl. bank holidays).

Calls may be recorded.